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My Joy

Sometimes it is hard to remember why we do all that we do as mothers. As I am cooking and cleaning and baking and cooking and cleaning and yawning and taking some vitamins hoping that might help with my yawning, I look from the kitchen into the living room and see these tiny humans all over the place. I smile and go back to my work. I admit, I don’t smile as much as I wish I did. I am not overjoyed with my work as much as I wish I was. Sometimes I wish I could see the importance of it all without question, I wish I could see the fruit of my labor ALL the time, but I can’t. Most of the time I am overwhelmed with my busyness, even though I try to simplify; and the laundry even though I just threw tons of clothes away. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to see the wonderful gifts that are right in front of you. As I write this, my baby girl who is four is putting Winnie the Pooh stickers all over my hands. My boys are reading cowboy books with their daddy and my sweet first born daughter is doing cartwheels even though I tried to claim a cartwheel free zone for a few minutes. It didn’t work, and that’s okay. Children are truly blessings from God. There are 20 families without their babies tonight, I don’t want another day to go by that I don’t appreciate the chaos. I know there will be days, but I am going to try hard to see the good in all work and the business. These people are my joy in life and I couldn’t be more thankful.